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Automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspection System NETRA VS6

Accura's fully automated inspecting system for tablets and capsules, the NETRA VS6, is brought to you after the successful installation of 350 semi-automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machines. This system promises to be worth every painstaking minute of the five-year course of R&D by Accura's experienced team of engineers. As the name suggests, the machine, with its cutting edge technology, is programmed for the dual activity of inspecting tablets for defects and sorting out the rejected product automatically. The need for deputing personnel for manual inspection of products in the pharmaceutical lines will now be superfluous.

The NETRA VS6 is India's very first automatic system for inspecting tablets and capsules.

Salient features: Variations / flaws in tablets inspected:
Fully automated size (diameter / length & width)
21 CFR part 11 compliant shape
Equipped with 6 industrial vision cameras chippings
Equipped with 6 independent image processing controllers cracks
Product subjected to 360° inspection dents
Provided with a user-friendly 19" graphical interface for teaching and simplified operation dirt
Short changeover time owing to ease of dismantling, and easy cleaning and maintenance black spots (100 μ & above)
Superlative strength and aesthetics rough / patchy surfaces
  • Inspection product: Tablets & hard gelatine capsules
  • Inspection speed: up to 100000 product / hour
  • Electrical supply: 100 - 230V single phase 50 / 60 Hz
  • Compressed air: 4 bar
  • Dimensions: 1900mm x 1050mm x 2140mm height
  • Weight: 950 kg.
  • Construction: SS304, product contact parts in SS316 / FDA approved food-grade material

Main parts

  • Funnel hopper
  • Main hopper
  • Vibratory feeder
  • Rotary feeder
  • Conveyor I
  • Conveyor II
  • 2 + 4 Industrial Vision Cameras (C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6)
  • Pneumatic rejection points (R1 & R2)

  • The product is fed into the funnel hopper, from where it passes into the main hopper.
  • Through the main hopper, it lands on the vibratory feeder.
  • The vibratory feeder carries the product to the rotary feeder. The vibratory feeder is a linear vibrator, for maintaining consistent speed of the product through its course.
  • The rotary feeder is Servo operated, thereby ensuring the precise movement of the product.
  • The product arrives on conveyor I from the rotary feeder. The conveyor I is designed with an internal vacuum, which holds the product in place. It is Servo operated too, for preciseness of movement of the product along the inspection zone.
  • On conveyor I, the product is inspected by five cameras (C1 – C5), which have been placed strategically to capture its image from top (C1) and all four sides of its edges (C2 – C5).
  • If any defect is perceived, the defective product is discarded through the adjacent rejection point (R1) by pneumatic operation, into an internally provided rejection bin.



  • The flawless product is conveyed over by vacuum to conveyor II.
  • On conveyor II, the product is inspected for defects / variation in its lower surface, by the last camera (C6), strategically placed on this conveyor.
  • If any defect is perceived by C6, the defective product is discarded through the adjacent rejection point (R2) by pneumatic operation, into the same rejection bin.
  • Thus, from cameras C1 through C6, the product is subjected to an inspection of 360°.
  • Each camera is provided with its respective image processing control, that enables the processing of the image simultaneously with its capturing, and, feeds the result to the PLC and the main computer. This occurs within a few milliseconds, so that the rejection and passing of the product are done at a very high speed.
  • The passed product is collected into a separate bin, internally provided.
  • Both these bins, the rejection as well as passed, are placed at the discharge end of the machine.
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  • netravs6-2
  • netravs6-3
  • netra-vs-007
  • netra-vs-008
  • netra-vs-009
  • netra-vs-010

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